Swedish provocateur Ängie releases new single ‘IDGAF’

Swedish provocateur Ängie releases new single 'IDGAF' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Swedish provocateur Ängie has returned with her brand new single ‘IDGAF’. The song is the first taste of new music following the release of her massively acclaimed debut albumSuicidal Since 1995 last year.

‘IDGAF’ is a bass heavy trap roller which sees Ängie deliver a flippant “I Don’t Give A Fuck” response to whatever life throws at her, while enlisting a dark twisted male vocal in the chorus to address drugs and mental health.

Not resting on her laurels since the release of her debut album, Ängie has been channelling her creativity into a series of mysterious avant-garde videos on her YouTube channel PuffingangieThey have sent her fans into frenzies over their intoxicating and moving meanings, themed around weed, sex, love, happiness and more.

From tearing out of the blocks with shock and awe upon dropping her debut single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’ in 2016, Ängie has become an inspiration of sexuality and mental health acceptance for her fans across the world. She now boasts well over 15 million views on the videos for her official singles ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’‘Housewife Spliffin’‘Spun’‘Here For My Habits / Venus In Furs’ and ‘Dope’.

Expect her to become even more prominent throughout 2019, as she cements her place as one of the hottest and most talked about names coming out of Sweden.


An emblem of the liberal-minded revolution”
The Guardian

“Finding hope through dark times, giving light to others”

“Dismissing Ängie as another cookie-cutter pop star would not only be extremely patronising, it’d be foolish.”

“One of the most outspoken artists in pop music”
Gay Times

“A drug high that actually scares you for a bit but is still profoundly transcendent and also just like, a great effing time”

“She has funnelled her troubles into her music”

“Forget Beyonce, we’ve found our favourite new pop diva”
The Sun

“A trash classic in the making”
Evening Standard

“Ängie may be the most controversial star we have ever seen”
Daily Star

“Ängie looks set to continue shaking up the pop sphere”

“The most provocative singer is back with a bang.”

“The young Swede’s career is on a dizzying upward trajectory”
Red Bulletin

“We wouldn’t call her controversial, we’d just call her real.”
The 405

“She is not afraid to voice the taboo and redefine how a lady should behave.”
Schön Magazine




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