J. Worra, Rrotik & Dances With White Girls Unveil New Mau5trap Single ‘Ride Or Cry’

j worra rrotik dances with white girls ride or cry

Introducing three new talented artists to the mau5trap family this January, ‘Ride or Cry‘ is the debut brainchild from J. Worrarrotik and Dances with White Girls that will certainly ride out through the course of the year. Out on Friday, January 18th via mau5trap, ‘Ride or Cry‘ is a memorable single that starts off 2019 on a high-energy playing field.

Boasting all the trimmings of a classic dance floor house heater, ‘Ride or Cry‘ adheres to a party atmosphere vibe with fun vocal work and deep-rooted basslines that is taking over the tech house terrain. J. Worrarrotik and Dances with White Girls definitely aim to impress on this massive single. ‘Ride or Cry‘ will flood fanbases all over the globe with it’s addicting grooves, striking elements of wobbly house beats and vivid vocals to carry listeners both in their headphones and on the dance floor, out now via mau5trap.




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