Oliver Huntemann “Propaganda Remixes Pt. 2” Senso Sounds

Part 2 of the Propaganda remixes picks up where the first left off. Gathering together some of the finest talent in contemporary techno, Oliver Huntemann’s killer LP from late 2017 gets more new reworks and remixes.

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‘Momentum’ is flipped by the ever dependable André Winter, who’s deep and groovy interpretation brings new textures to the original and will delight fans of his previous work.

Fur Coat, the producer duo originally from Venezuela and now based in Barcelona, bring their own specific flavour to one of the album highlights, ‘Egoist’. Their remix is a stripped down driving techno cut with a deeply acidic undertone.

Olivier Giacomotto, the techno producer from Bordeaux, France, provides an electro-infused rework of ‘Vertigo’, adding sharp 808 patterns, a thick cut groove, and eventually some deep pads to his version.

‘Malaria’ gets the treatment by SHADED who drops his Dark Stab mix. Skyler Patrick Taugher, the Californian behind the SHADED moniker, brings a particularly tough mix for one of Huntemann’s key tracks – a sure-fire peak time winner.

Another album highlight ‘Doppelgänger’ is remixed by Berlin resident and Upon You boss Marco Resmann, adding layers of dynamic rhythym with which to counterpoint his edgy pads and deep synth touches.

‘Trick17’ is giving a mix by Senso regular Distale. A filthy, low roller with fathoms-deep sub bass and sparkling percussion.

The young Russian Maksim Dark adds his own interpretation of ‘Poltergeist’ to the release, edging up the darkness a little more and producing a growling, tough techno workout that will go over big on a lot of floors this year.

The man from Rostock, Carlo Ruetz, provides a slick dub of ‘Der Schwarze Kanal’, stripping away any superfluous sounds and setting the controls fort he heart oft he dancefloor.

Propaganda Remixes Pt.2 will be available from 1st February 2019 via Senso Sounds.




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