Seth Hills “Whisper” STMPD RCRDS

Young Dutch talent Seth Hills has already impressed with his remix of CMC$ & GRX feat. Icona Pop’s X’s, following on from last year’s Magnificence collaboration Fire which was named one of most played tracks of 2018.

Download “Whisper”

The punchiest of snare/claps slap you hard across the face as rumbling bass rises over chunky kicks and looping distorted synth sounds.

The ravey breakdown lays on incessant diva vocal cuts, nasty hoover drops and brooding low end that combine with the grime-style vocal and warped synth sounds to intense effect.

The drop unleashes a powerful yet restrained groove with a little techno feel and a pinch of tribal bass bounce, creating a sinister yet irresistible rhythm.

The main break brings breathy female vocals that inject a trippy feel into the proceedings and heavily-reverberated, spooky glassy melody. Approach this one with caution: it’s got a serious sting in its tale!

With heavy support from the likes of Alesso, Axwell and of course Martin Garrix, Seth Hills looks like surefire bet for one of the year’s breakout producers.

STMPD RCRDS’ never-ending quest to support new talent has helped to bring another stellar talent to the forefront, and we can’t wait to hear what he does next.



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