HHats became the ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ album sign with Empire Studio Records.


HHats describes her music as a blend of gipsy and celtic . Born in Newyork U.S.A and living in Chile South America, she is a powerful singer-songwriter with an impressive vocal range. HHats sounds exciting. For the most part, though, this is an album of with stories of the gipsy spirit world or life .

HHats has performed in the South America and released songs in English.All of it is dominated by HHats’s exhilarating voice.

HHats - Wheel Of Fortune Empire Studio Records

Available Pre-Order Listening on iTunes : April 05th, Available all DSP Stores May 03th.

Artist : HHats

Title : Wheel Of Fortune (Album)

Catalog No: EMPSR094

Label: Empire Studio Records

Pre-Order date on iTunes : Apr.05.2019

Release date: May.03.2019 (All Digital Stores)




HHats was born in a Chilean family ,and started making music very young. Music was a very important tradition in Chilean culture so piano was her first instrument she played, then guitar ,accordion,and finnaly Bandoneon that bought in Buenos Aires in 2001.
She studied Audio Engineer at DUOC UC institute,finnaly she ended up making all of her music videos too.
Her first songs were in Spanish . At the age of 14 she started composing her first songs with voice and lyrics, tried to record her music and find support but she had no luck.
Chilean market was full of latin American sounds and there was no interest in music because it was too different.
At 25 she decided to go to Mexico to build her carreer as independient artist in English ,and build her future.
Two Hats was released in 2013,then Electronic Gypsy 2014,Wheel of fortune 2018 with good reception of Mexican market and published in more than 10 countries.
Her style she define as Fusion,Mix of Pop with Folk Gypsy , Jewish music and electronic. She experience different styles of music and sounds.
HHATS was a name of an artist who was playing on the street. Street Vendors in Mexico used to call her as the girl with the two hats because of she was wearing always two hats on the head. One Hat she uses for tips, and other Hat on the head.
MCHC studios in Guadalajara, Mexico ,who were the people who gave her support for her debut Album ,call her HHATS and created the nick name and the brand.
She signed with Empire Studio Records in 2019 for the promotion of Wheel of fortune 2018 album.
Now is Guitair in recording process her 4 th Album in English but this time it will be included 2 singles in Spanish for Latin American Market.Guitair will be release in November of 2019.


Channel Youtube HHATS






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