Envision Festival in Costa Rica Announce They Have Planted More than 12,000 Trees Through Their Reforestation Programme

Envision Festival in Costa Rica Announce They Have Planted More than 12,000 Trees ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The world’s biggest eco-friendly festival Envision announces they have planted more than 12,000 trees
Signaling a level of intention ahead of its peers Envision is an established pivot for environmentalists in festival culture, aspiring for harmony with nature in Costa Rica and abroad. To this end, numerous initiatives are woven throughout the fabric of the culture at the event, designed to nourish the local communities while protecting the jungles of the region. In an effort to leave a positive footprint, Envision hosts a reforesting program which has planted more than 12,000 trees over the last 7 years. To protect the environment and cut down on waste, ALL single use plastics and outside alcohol are banned, while vendors serving foods onsite pledge to uphold Envision’s commitment to buy locally grown produce for an authentic dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Additionally, they offer a dishware rental program and encourage a BYO mentality to repurpose and reuse, with quick clean up stations conveniently located throughout the venue. All the clothing and craft products sold in the market are fashioned by local and international artists with a net positive impact on the environment. Stages and structures are made the local Tico way, almost entirely with eco-friendly materials harvested from the nearby jungle, in a process they’ve dubbed ‘Jungle-Tek’. Through these efforts and more, Envision upholds an ethos of regenerative celebration that continues to inform everything they do, from what foods are included in a dining experience to which musical story is told on the lineup.
Envision Festival in Costa Rica Announce They Have Planted More than 12,000 Trees ile ilgili görsel sonucu
SOL Stage: Griz (+ Chasing the Golden Hour Set), Trevor Hall, The Floozies, Xiuhtezcatl, La Chiva Gantiva, Santos Y Zurdo, Frikstailers, Mentados, Killer Diller, Too Many Zooz, Gone Gone Beyond, Fuerza Dread
LUNA Stage: Tycho (+ DJ Set), CloZee, Nicola Cruz, Random Rab, Grouch In Dub, Deya Dova, Axel Thesleff, Electric Mantis, Esseks, Nominus, K + Lab, Detox Unit, Dj Drez, kLL sMTH, Pushloop, Chamberlain, Drrtywulvz, DubCOliNG, Irieyes, Leland River, VGNX, Govinda, Hedflux, An-Ten-Nae, Lapa, SaQi
LAPA Stage: Lee Burridge, Bedouin, John Acquaviva, Sabo, Viken Arman, Klik and Frik, Alejandro Franco, Dragonfly, Brian Hartman, Driss Skali, Faceblind, Melissa O, Javier Portilla, Mose, Bunny Wabbit, Bushman Bosque, The Human Experience, Unders, Martha van Straaten, Holmar (formerly Thugfucker), KMLN, M Rux, Dunks, Mixwell, Javee
Latin  American Showcase: Santos Y Zurdo, Faceblind, Portilla, Bunny Wabbit, Killer Diller, Mentados, Bosque, Melissa O, Klik and Frik, Frikstailers
Yoga Area: 
RACHEL BRATHEN  | Jai Dev Singh | DJ Drez
Sianna Sherman | Amber Ryan | Rafe Kelley | Sofiah Thom
Ashleigh Sergeant | Erin Kelly & Steph Gongora | Jocelyn Gordon |
Elana Meta | Niraj Naik | Kenny Graham | Juan Pablo Barahona | Edgar Ortiz
Andrew Sealy | Whakapaingia | Amber Sears | Arielle Shipe | Masood Ali Khan |
Regan Hillyer | Jess Robertson | Kirk Angelo | Orpheus B | Tish Steenkamp | Emelie Wilson
Alexa Webster | Layla El Kardin | TribeWire | Joshua Param Sevak | Mose
Kontinental Yak | Gaea Lady | Darin Lehman | Augustina Ama | Lauri Glenn
KAWOK | DJ Hawk | Darren Austin Hall
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