Meet The Artist : Emrah Findik a.k.a Findike

Emrah Fındık - Findike

About Findike :

Emrah Findik aka ‘FINDIKE’ 16th of april 1977. born in Germany living in Sakarya near,his from Istanbul/ Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most productive and refreshing electronic music producers out there. His music always shines a drop of well blended fusion of styles and originality… Most of his productions being internationally exposed and played by producers & DJ’s all around the globe.December 2017 created its own Label ‘Findike Records’.

Works Music Companies:
INSOMNIAFM, Abstract Space Records, AH Digital, Bonzai Progressive,D&R Digital, Absurd State, Mystic Caraousel, Aeriform Records, Fly Cloud, Bunyi Records, Estribo Records, AJME Records, Dog Man, Re Fresh Music, Massive Harmony Records,KP Recordings ,Findike Records.

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