Empire Music Entertainment launches new own label: Karia Records

Karia Records

Determined to build a legacy that will stretch on for many years, Ozgur Timucin with Empire Music Entertainment have joined forces definitively to assemble a create ‘Karia Records’

After so many succesful releases and a few co-owned labels its time for Ozgur Timucin to become new Label. Not only to create a closer relationship between himself and the audience but also between him and his friends.

Karia Records will now serve as the home base for the majority of new music from the beloved electronic music producer, and showcase the unique blend of progressive house,techno and house that has become his calling card.

“Really happy to finally announce my new record label Karia Records. I’ve been lucky to release on some great record labels through the years but I will be more excited to have a home base for our music now. Looking forward to showing you all that I’ve been working on. Lots of collaborations and great artwork on the horizon. Hope you enjoy! – Ozgur Timucin

Chapter 1 Reveals Full Lineup: DaDa Sound Project, Ramus, Findike

DaDa Sound Project - Kum Karia Records

Karia Records is come with its first release by DaDa Sound Project’s “Kum”
Boasting a versatile production style, DaDa Sound Project followed his early successes with releases such as his productions and viral-charts topper.
We LOVE this track. DaDa Sound Project has been a good friend of ours for a while now & we wanted to make something dope together to represent a new deep sound.

Artist: DaDa Sound Project
Title: Kum (Single)
Catalog number: KR001
Label: Karia Records
Pre Order: 2019-02-22, Friday
Pre Release Shop: Beatport
Release date: 2019-03-22, Friday 

RAMUS - Broken Melodies Karia Records

Karia Records is come with its second release by Ramus’s “Broken Melodies”
Ramus is the prime underground inimitable house producer makes a welcome to Karia Records label with a new EP’s ‘Broken Melodies’.What lies underneath Ramus’s music is soul and supreme knowledge of the dancefloor, cultivated through years of exposure to underground club scene.
‘Broken Melodies’ EP demonstrates Ramus’s deep-seated understanding of the dancefloor with groove laden beats and high-octane energy.

Artist: Ramus
Title: Broken Melodies (EP)

1-Broken Melodies (Original Mix)
2-Invisible (Original Mix)
3-Cryslatalized (Original Mix)
Catalog number: KR002
Label: Karia Records
Pre Order: 2019-03-29, Friday
Pre Release Shop: Beatport
Release date: 2019-04-05, Friday

FINDIKE - The After Scene Karia Records

Karia Records is come with its third release by Findike’s “The After Scene”
Flexing the of his production guru, Findike has delivered his pounding new release ‘The After Scene’
Highly respected DJ and producer Findike has unveiled his brand new production on Karia Records label, . The release showcases Findike’s dynamic versatility as a producer, as ‘The After Scene’ track with a high powered bassline and chunky beats, which create an atmospheric floorfiller.

Artist: Findike
Title: The After Scene (Single)
Catalog number: KR003
Label: Karia Records
Pre Order: 2019-03-22, Friday
Pre Release Shop: Beatport
Release date: 2019-04-19, Friday 



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