Kygo has releases ‘Think About You’ with Valerie Broussard

New Kygo has officially arrived in the form of sentimental, ‘Think About You’ with Valerie BroussardKygo Think About You

Valentine’s Day brought in good news for Kygo fans. The renowned crossover star Tweeted to fans that new music was on the horizon, and now “Think About You” has officially arrived. A vocal collaboration with Valerie Broussard, the tune starts off with warm guitar notes and soft padding. Soon, however,”Think About You” turns into the contemporary take on festival house from the early 2010s that the Nordic producer has been experimenting with as of late—energized, and catchy. Its sunny pianos and Valerie’s touching lyrics are quite effective in strumming the heart strings, making for a finished product that will more than likely be yet another Kygo anthem on the wider musical circuit.

“Think About You” follows an Kygo’s last single “Happy Now,” which quickly charted and served as yet another piece in his stylistic evolution. He’ll be making his headlining debut at Electric Forest come June.



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