Wild Belle “Have You Both” From Upcoming Everybody One Of A Kind

After announcing the upcoming release of their third studio album, Everybody One Of A Kind,sibling duo Wild Belle offer another glimpse of what’s to come with their new single “Have You Both” and the accompanying stop motion animation video.

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Arduously crafted by visual artist, songwriter and lead singer for Wild Belle, Natalie Bergman, the video features hand cut vintage found-photos playfully coming to life in different dance party scenarios, set to the backdrop of the breezy and bliss-inducing tune that tells the story of falling in love with more than one person in a case of mistaken identity.

As told to High Snobiety, Bergman shares, “‘Have You Both’ is a song a song about mistaken identity, internet romance and wanting to have it all. For the video, I wanted to capture the spirit of the album, which is very hand-made.

I spent a week locked in my apartment cutting up eyes, lips, hands, and legs and animating a three-way dance party. They used to show these incredible Jan Svankmajer films at Zebulon in Brooklyn where I worked as a waitress, and I always loved how expressive the characters were. I made this video in an app on my iPhone, but it’s also weirdly completely analog.

We live in a world with so many options and we’re constantly bombarded by images and information. How am I supposed to choose? To quote one of my heroes, Prince: “Don’t be fooled by the internet. It’s cool to get on the computer, but don’t let the computer get on you. It’s cool to use the computer, but don’t let the computer use you.”

Dance is one of the most profound and real forms of human connection and I’m always happy when my music makes people dance, even if it’s disembodied legs, lips, and eyes on paper.”

Announced earlier this year, Everybody One Of A Kind features the band’s lead single “Mockingbird”, a dancehall-infused burner that features an unforgettable baritone sax hook played by multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound and visual artist Elliot Bergman, and wispy and winding vocals from Natalie.

An even more densely textured version of the song is delivered with an ultra-stylized video from co-directors Natalie Bergman and Alan Del Rio (Blood Orange, St. Vincent, Maggie Rogers, Danny Brown, Solange, Whitney, etc). “Mockingbird”, in its first week, has just landed at the #1 slot this week on the singles chart at specialty radio!

Everybody One Of A Kind marks the band’s triumphant return to the music scene after their 2013 debut, Isles and 2016 sophomore album, Dreamland. Over the past few years, Wild Belle have established themselves as one of the most dynamic acts in an ever-expanding musical universe, touring the world, performing at widely renowned music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, etc and making late night TV appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and CONAN.

Also maintaining creative efforts individually, Elliot delivered his “Peace Bells” performance at the MCA Chicago and the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. and will deliver another performance in March this year with an installation at the Marciano Art Foundation.

Natalie recently lent her voice to the HBO show The Deuce, covering the Elvis Costello song “This Year’s Girl” for the opening theme song of season 2, and has continued to exhibit her vibrant collage work at various galleries in Los Angeles.

Following the release of their new album on March 22nd via Love Tone and an exclusive vinyl pressing on April 5th via Tuff Gong Worldwide, Wild Belle will head out on their headlining Everybody One Of A Kind Tour across the US this Spring. The duo will bring their show to even bigger arenas this Summer as they open for Beck, Cage The Elephant and Spoon on The Night Running Tour.



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