Meet to Artist : Abstratique


About Abstratique :

Produced since 2011, but graduated in Electronic Music Production in 2018, by Make Music Now.
Lover of the sounds full of energy, brings in its sounds, loaded lows, well filled synths and leaves its very mysterious sound and with much energy.
In his trip to America in 2014, he performed some gigs at the invitation of resident DJs Bizarro (PER) and Spazio Sputnik (CHI) and showed the Brazilianness of his sound with international footprint.
Currently it has been bringing different sounds, from Melodic House and Techno, to the heavier Hard Techno.

‘Lifes A Time’ EP demonstrates Abstratique ’s deep-seated understanding of the dancefloor with groove laden beats and high-octane energy.
The EP kicks off with ‘Lifes A Time’. On second title track ‘West Coast’,EP closer with ‘Flaivors’.

Abstratique - Lifes A Time Karia Records
Artist: Abstratique
Title: Lifes A Time (EP)
Tracklist: 1-Lifes A Time (Original Mix)
2-West Coast (Original Mix)
3-Flaivors (Original Mix)
Catalog number: KR004
Label: Karia Records
Pre Order: 2019-03-29, Friday
Pre Release Shop: Beatport
Release date: 2019-04-26, Friday 



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