Highly acclaimed artist Sølv releases new single ‘Bittersweet’

Highly acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer Sølv has released her new single ‘Bittersweet’. The song premiered with Wonderland who said, “The song is an electronic, beat-laden slow banger with a focus on layering, Sølv’s effortlessly cool falsetto existing perfectly over the hyper-digital, percussive instrumental below.”

The self-produced track incorporates dark twisted vocal samples and dense rolling bass to lay the foundations for her seductive hushed vocals addressing toxic romantic relationships.


Regarding the single Sølv says, “‘Bittersweet’ is a reflective look on how personal demons can creep into a relationship. It’s the friction caused by each other’s own struggles, and the dilemma in knowing that the other person is struggling in exactly the same way, but even though you’re coexisting in complete synergy, it doesn’t change the distance created.”

‘Bittersweet’ is the first taste of new music following the release of her acclaimed CodeineEP in 2017, which gained strong critical support from the likes of DIY Magazine, Clash and many more.

Now returning with ‘Bittersweet’, Sølv has expanded her production and songwriting into deeper pastures as she continues to craft a distinct path with her alluring alt-pop.

“Sølv brings darkened, brooding intensity… bringing more than a few killer hooks for good measure”

“Sølv is a real stylist, a pop talent who can only be herself”

“Sølv gets to the root of human connection”

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