Bart B More “Who U Gonna Call” STMPD RCRDS

Bart B More “Who U Gonna Call” | STMPD RCRDS ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Dutch house badman Bart B More is seriously delivering the goods right now. Hot on the heels of Instagram-inspired single Superzoom comes another inimitable dancefloor experiment in the form of Who U Gonna Call.

Download “Who U Gonna Call”

A tight, snappy beat lays the foundations, with menacing pulses of bass sounding like a foghorn. A tense breakdown lets the pressure build before we slam headfirst into the groove, with monotone sub bass urging us forward as horn blasts punctuate the rhythm.

Synth FX adds more colour and tension, while an infectious vocal snippet asks us: “Who U Gonna Call?” The track shows some restraint, opting for a less-is-more approach which… well, leaves you wanting more B More!

Bart B More is one of the architects of the modern house sound. From a young age, he set about delivering his own spin on the sound. Since those early days he has always shown an incredible production prowess, and it’s only getting better still.




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