Lane 8 releases ‘Root To Branch Vol. 4’

Lane 8 releases inspiriting ‘Root To Branch Vol. 4’Root To Branch Vol.4

Lane 8‘s own imprint, This Never Happened, Root To Branch Vol. 4 —like its preceding editions— taps into a careful curation of talent, hand-picked by none other than Lane 8 himself.

The six-track compilation highlights polished, progressive house selections from newcomers like Ocula, Hexlogic, and Artche. Uninterrupted quality shines through on Root To Branch Vol. 4 as each track distinctly offers up its own seamless deep house decadence. As a curator and listener, Lane 8 once again succeeds in providing a platform for rising producers.

The melodic mastermind has grown the Root To Branch collection swiftly, with the third arm of the series released just a few months prior, last December, and the second volume last May.  In addition to his compilation releases, Lane 8 has been busy releasing new music and announcing shows, likely with lots of innovation in store. He recently turned heads with the release of his remix of Virtual Self’s “Ghost” in early February.




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