Edyth “A Map Of What Is Lost”

Edyth is the anonymous producer that’s delivered another enigmatic explosion within new single, A Map Of What Is Lost. Edyth has built up a solid reputation after four years of laying down expansive and innovative electronic music.

Download “A Map Of What Is Lost”

As a Sudanese born, Kuwait living artist, Edyth enjoys audibly addressing the struggles of growing up in a third world country and the abrupt changes life brings. Ahead of a heavily anticipated body of work to come later in the year, A Map Of What Is Lost is the second release of 2019 for this artist.

Mohamed Abnoaf is the name behind the Edyth project. This is an artist who is deeply engrossed in sound design as a channel of expression for vulnerability, experimentation and sentimentality. The intense array of deep-rooted emotions allows articulation and reflection and in a way today’s society usually restricts.

As we wait with bated breath for the Bare II album, the three-year endeavour hints towards a sci-fi narrative through the first two singles. The epic 18 track project explores a world outside of our comfort zone, and the subsequent journey that goes with navigating unknown territory.

Utterly immersed in this theme, Edyth transfixes listeners with his interpretation of an artificial, harsh, alien space and the constructed optimism that becomes integral for survival.

First addition to the new world, Sober Blend, is an ambient track that proudly defies western dance traditions. The rolling hypnotic sounds juxtapose the intention to both delight and disturb the listener.

The new single, A Map Of What Is Lost, is a dynamic effort with intricate elements of controlled chaos. Continuing to narrate life’s uncertain struggle to conquer defeat, Edyth approaches sounds with a relentless need to mystify and an admiral refusal to stray from his own make believe.




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