David Guetta and Tom Staar ‘This Ain’t Techno’ Spinnin Records

David Guetta and Tom Staar offer a little irony on new track, ‘This Ain’t Techno’Unnamed

David Guetta continues to extend and experiment with his trademark sound with a new release, “This Ain’t Techno,” produced alongside England native, Tom Staar. The track marks Guetta’s return to Spinnin’ Records, which is fitting thanks to the song’s hectic notes and the upbeat tempo that characterizes many of the label’s sterling releases.

Blaring trumpets and energetic chants immediately submerge the listener into a club set along the apex of a night out. The result is a mesmerizing tune that leans heavily on hypnotizing bass chords, spirited vocals, and swirling sound effects. David Guetta has had a knack for taking inspiration from the deeper sounds of house and techno in both his sets and productions as of late. This notion was recently underlined by new music from his Jack Back alias; and “This Ain’t Techno” is a great addition to his ever-fluctuating sound.




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