Lane 8’s ‘Spring 2019 Mixtape’

Lane 8 ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Serial testaments to Lane 8’s curative finesse, the seasonally inspired mixtapes consistently merge Lane 8 originals with remixes from some of electronic music’s most savvy producers. Case in point, the “Spring 2019 Mixtape” corrals Solomun‘s re-imagination of “You’re Not Alone” with Luke Alessi’s take on “Deja Vu,” and Patrice Bäumel‘s polished reboot of Claptone‘s “La Esperanza.” These remixes are but the tip of the sonic iceberg, as Bonobo, Luttrell, Jeremy Olander, and a slew of other artists receive nods from Lane 8 in the mixtape. Lane 8 defrosts streamers’ winter hearts, to stir their spring souls with his “Spring 2019 Mixtape.”




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