Lisa Heller “Ghost”

Los Angeles-based pop artist–LISA HELLER–releases her newest single “Ghost”. The single acts as the gateway to a fresh, new sound; a meshing of her thoughtful lyricism with current trends of pop music, lush with danceable basslines.

Lisa Heller says of the single: “I wrote ‘Ghost’ about reminiscing from a relationship and having new memories now alone. I feel like a lot of people can relate to that feeling of not being able to let go.”

“Ghost” follows the 2018 release of her original single – “Quicksand,” which acts as an uplifting anthem about sinking from the expectations of the American Dream.

As a songwriter and through transparency of her own hardships, Heller’s goal is to give a voice to her peers experiencing similar obstacles in life. “Music helped me. I want it to help others too.”

East coast born-and-raised, Lisa Heller, a recent college graduate, started writing music at the age of 13 in her bedroom as a creative outlet for her anxiety.

While still in high school, Lisa placed in national songwriting competitions and quickly gained a small local following of fans in and around her Connecticut hometown due to the support of local radio stations and newspapers.

Her debut single “Hope”, which she released out of her college dorm room, independently reached over 1.5 million views on YouTube spreading a powerful message of optimism.

Following songs caught the attention of online outlets such as Huffington Post, SongFacts and Born Music. A talented songstress, influencer and public speaker, Lisa has played to thousands through the East Coast college circuit, high school conventions, and made her SXSW debut in 2018.

She now resides in Los Angeles, where she crafts catchy melodies, gaining one fan at a time with her relatable lyrics. Stay tuned for details on the “Ghost” official music video (produced by Doltyn Snedden, DS Creatives) and the “Ghost” Remix package.




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