Kayzo x blessthefall – Before the Storm

Kayzo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

California producer Kayzo is on a mission to merge his metal roots with his electronic present, and he hasn’t taken a step of the journey lightly. Recent releases with Underoath, The Zealot’s vocalist Micah Martin and post-hardcore band Our Last Night have seen him deftly fuse edgy rock riffs with heavy bass drops, weaving melodies and mosh-worthy moments into one. Now, he ups the ante with Arizona-bred metalcore band blessthefall on what might be his most brutal blend to date.

“Before The Storm” is both catchy and moody. It blisters with human-pedaled double bass and strikes hard at the hook with synthetic textures. A dark, pulsing beat meets industrial atmospheres as the band and producer layer their sounds like waves that ebb and flow. It’s a true meeting of the minds while each takes their turn under the spotlight.

There’s no quiet in this mayhem. Grab your gear for an emotional winter and press play on “Before The Storm” below, out everywhere on Welcome Records.




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