FOODMAN Announces New EP, Shares New Single ‘ODOODO’ EP out 3/29 via Mad Decent

Foodman’s ODOODO EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Praise for Foodman:

“There is a cartoonish quality to these songs that invest not just humor – carefully placed whoops and zings and boings – but an emotional attachment to the eureka moment, when the little sounds contribute to the sonic power-up.” – NPR

“bears a thrilling sense of play” – Pitchfork

“a one-of-a-kind producer” – Resident Advisor

Lauded for his original blend of footwork, minimal electronics, and curious sound collages, the ambassador of Japan’s experimental electronic scene, 食品まつり a.k.a Foodman returns to Mad Decent in full form with the announcement of his new 7-track ODOODO EP, out March 29th digitally and on limited edition cassette tape via Mad Decent.

Along with the announcement of ODOODO EP, Foodman today shares new track “Moyashi Kids.” Stream the new single lifted from the EP on all platformsHERE, and pre-order the limited edition ODOODO cassette HERE. Tracklist and more information below.


foodman – ODOODO EP
(March 29, 2019 via Mad Decent)

1. Dege
2. Funiki
3. 246 (feat. Ryuw)

Moyashi Kids
5. Otokogi
6. Fue
7. Colosseum

Spanning his take on rhythmic ambient, trap, slow-tempo house, dub, and more mixed with his juke and footwork experimentations, Foodman, real name Takahide Higuchi, created ODOODO from ideas that came to him in his everyday life while walking, having bath at sento (Japanese public baths), eating lunch, and so on. Taking this approach a step further, Foodman brought his laptop along with him, producing the EP everywhere from park benches, restaurant tables, sento lounges, and more instead of the confines of a studio, deepening the organic atmosphere of Foodman’s minimal, yet complex, productions.

While the Japanese word “odoodo” (pronounced “oh-doh-oh-doh,” meaning “unconfident, nervous”) is an onomatopoeia to describe someone acting intimidated, timid or anxious, Foodman chose the title not for its lexiconal meaning, but because he found it curious how when written in capitalized English, it has the appearance of a string of circles and semi-circles.

With cover art designed by Joe Bastardo, the main focus of the design is its minimal psychedelic form depicting a mysterious symbol or a vaguely architectural structure that evokes some kind of dancing alien monolith. The playfulness to the shape is omnipresent in Foodman’s productions. The abstract typography of the EP’s title appears flipped upside-down on the bottom of the design, giving the sense that the whole image could be rotated and it would still work to the same effect, speaking to the way in which Foodman’s productions have flipped electronic and footwork on its head – totally inviting while also quite perplexing.

Foodman’s ODOODO EP is out worldwide March 29th via Mad Decent.

Foodman’s ODOODO EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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