Having only just begun to make his mark on the dance-music world – DJ, producer, and even superhero, SUPERSPECIAL, unveils his debut single ‘Heroes’. The energetic and upbeat offering is just the start of solidifying what is surely to be a breakout year from the DJ/Superhero combo.
SUPERSPECIAL’s immensely spirited energy reverberates through every beat of this vigorous track as buoyant vocals overlay a lively bassline. ‘Heroes’ encompasses a propelling message allowing listeners to revel in the thought of life’s limitless opportunities. SUPERSEPCIAL fast tracks the production as the climbing bassline falls into an explosive drop creating  a simply euphoric slice of electro-pop.
In addition to his meticulously crafted productions, SUPERSPECIAL also tells his story through a weekly series of captivating comics. This newfangled comic universe brings listeners on a visual journey complete with its own original heroes and supervillains in addition to the paramount superhero, SUPERSPECIAL, who fights evil with the roaring power of music.
Through this series the DJ doubling as a superhero will reveal the mystery behind SUPERSPECIAL, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as they await to see just how the tale unfolds. As the comic series continues to be revealed through Instagram, SUPERSPECIAL has begun to garner an impressive following, complete with ample engagement from fanatics for the brand-new sensational comic series. With a fascinating string of comics yet to be revealed, coupled alongside a buoyant track offering, SUPERSPECIAL continues to leave followers itching to find out just what will come next.



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