Italian pair M.F.S: Observatory debut on Danny Serrano’s Eat and Beat

M.F.S: Observatory ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If you have been following the work of M.F.S: Observatory over the last while, then you should be all too aware that this is a duo with momentum on their side. In case you haven’t, you can expect to hear much more from them over the next while. Based between London and Naples, the Italian born and raised duo consists of Mattia Turchetti and Francesco Cozzolino. And when it comes to crafting dexterous house and tech-house, this duo possess an inimitable midas touch, as exhibited on their latest. Seeing the light of day on Danny Serrano’s Eat and Beat label, the Rosenfeld EP serves up a sumptuous introduction to the lads’ many talents.

Artist: M.F.S: Observatory

Title: Rosenfeld EP

Label: Eat and Beat

Release date: 10/05


1) Rosenfeld

2) Strangers

Much like the best things in life, it’s a release that opts for a quality-over-quantity approach, with two tracks here consisting of the whole EP. It’s a formula that works wonders too: both are killer efforts in their own regard, and without a slew of accompanying remixes etc, they can both really shine here. First up is the muscular-sounding title track. A real dancefloor decimator, it’s a proverbial ‘monster’—and one that ought to be handled with care by only the bravest of DJs. Guaranteed to whip the dancefloor into a frenzy, watch this one cause utter pandemonium wherever it’s allowed to roam free. The contrasting vocal snippets which weave throughout only help to add to the overall sense of consternation.

Elsewhere we have ‘Strangers’, another track that’s indicative of a switch in direction for the boys. Like its predecessor, it’s more ‘techno’ focused than the lads typical output, and it too is full of suspense, venom and magic. The sort of cut that would go down a treat with discerning jocks a la Chris Liebing or Sven Vath, it’s a real weapon of the sort we encounter less and less these days. Top work from the lads: watch out for much more from them soon.




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