Fast-rising talent Bori delivers debut single ‘Players Ballad’

Bori ‘Players Ballad’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Single follows Nigerian singer’s recent feature on Felix Jaehn’s hit ‘Jennie’

Emerging singer/songwriter and self-taught instrumentalist Bori has delivered his debut single‘Players Ballad’, a slick showcase of the young artist’s melodic R&B style.

Crafting a harmonious tone across the record, Bori laces the downtempo beat with his silky and captivating vocal performance. The track unveils a story about bad decisions through his conscientious lyrics.

Players Ballad’ tells a story about someone who gets in to a lot of trouble as he made bad decisions,” he explains. “It’s a story about chaos and drama and not making the best choices for yourself.”

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Bori’s debut release is also accompanied by an official video in which he finds himself trapped inside a prison cell, a metaphor for his attitude towards monogamy.

Inspired by French-Nigerian singer/songwriter and musician Asa growing up, Bori’s childhood played a huge role in the afrobeat-influenced sound that can be heard in his music today. Finding musical influence from the sounds of J Cole and Bob Marley in his later years, Bori aims to combine his two cultural backgrounds with his connection to the urban scene.

Gaining worldwide recognition after featuring on German DJ and international superstar Felix Jaehn’s huge 2018 single ‘Jennie’, where the track soon surged to over 55 million Spotify streams, which shot Bori into the spotlight globally.

All I want to do is to have people enjoy and feel something when they hear my music,” he adds.“Music is the only thing that I’m actually good at.

For more information on Bori, please visit:

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