BeauDamian “New Timeless” ft. Lost Boy

STMPD RCRDS make another hot new signing this month in the form of Dutch bass music artist, BeauDamian, landing on the label with the exquisite sounds of ‘New Timeless’, featuring Lost Boy.

Download “New Timeless”

BeauDamian hails from Utrecht, and has released multiple bombs on San Holo’s bitbird label. He also composes film and game music, and previously won a Buma Award for ‘Best Original Composition In Trailer’.

Taking his inspiration from everything from 8-bit chiptune to funk and Arabic music, he fuses his eclectic, bass-driven compositions with many different flavours.

Toronto-based artist Lost Boy collaborates on this glorious new single. Sweet, sustained organ chords begin the track with layered, effected vocals, leading us towards stuttering kick ‘n’ clap patterns, exotic melodies and the cute chorus.

The drop lays on thick slabs of distorted but warm bass, beautiful chime melodies and heavenly pitch-shifted vocals. After one more euphoric breakdown, there’s a satisfying instrumental section to lead us out. It’s perfectly produced, bass-heavy, electronic pop music for the masses.

“After hearing the vocal topline I was immediately inspired” says BeauDamian. “Producing, finishing and polishing this track only took me two days. One of those days was Christmas Eve. If I had to choose between eating turkey with my family and finishing my song at that moment, I would definitely choose the last one! But I think my mom would kill me if I wouldn’t be there, so I had to go…”




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