Salvatore Ganacci offers up high-octane serving of ‘Cake’ alongside Big Beat compilation announcement

First Listen: Salvatore Ganacci offers up high-octane serving of ‘Cake’ alongside Big Beat compilation announcementSalvatore Ganacci 2 1

For those who have witnessed one of Bosnian-born/Swedish Salvatore Ganacci‘s off-the-wall live sets, it turns out the DJ-producer brings the same energy to the studio as he does booty poppin’ behind the decks.

His latest single, the ferociously tempo-ed “Cake,” with Anjunadeep veteran, Megatone, arrives on the back of a larger animal and source of fervent anticipation: the mysterious compilation Big Beat uploaded to its SoundCloud page earlier this week. The song’s thunderous beat, squelching bass, and pitched-up vocal cuts are redolent of the omnipresent excitement sweeping across the electronic scene for Miami Music Week.

Now, to coincide with “Cake”‘s arrival, Big Beat is unraveling the track list behind the formerly anonymous compilation, surfacing some of the most sought-after names in the game from Ekali to Valentino Khan, Dillon Nathaniel to Deathpact. The compilation as a whole succeeds in mirroring the new single’s energy and pummeling electro fervor. Fans can find Ganacci ringing in the release on Ultra’s main stage this Saturday, March 30.

Big Beat Ignition is available for presale here, and for full download April 12.


Big Beat Ignition: Los Angeles track list: 

Deathpact – Koolaid
Fabian Mazur – Ready For The Show
Ekali & YOOKiE – Jundo
Gentlemens Club – Let U Go
Bro Safari & Tank Parade – Blitz
Salvatore Ganacci & Megatone – Cake
Snavs – Ghetto
GTA & Valentino Khan – Break Your Neck (Pt. 2 VIP)
Kontra – Guilt Trip
Nonsens – Come On
WATEVA – Haters
Dillon Nathaniel – Consciousness
Vampa – The Cave
Frost & ill-Esha – What I Feel




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