Worakls “Entrudo” Official Music Video

Worakls “Entrudo” ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Worakls has unveiled the cinematic official video for ‘Entrudo’, the lead single from his highly anticipated debut album Orchestra which was released on 8th March.

Download “Orchestra”

The ‘Entrudo’ video is a docu-fiction short which tells the story of a photographer’s spiritual quest as he travels around Thailand.

With a variety of scenes from the bustling cities, to rural countryside and idyllic temples located across the country, the video features a number of dual split-screen cuts with differing focal perspectives to fully immerse the viewer into the photographer’s traveling experience.

The ‘Entrudo’ video was directed by Bruno Mathé who also directed the ‘Cloches’ official video, the first single released from Worakls’ ‘Orchestra’ LP.

The lead single from the ‘Orchestra’ LP, ‘Entrudo’ is a dramatic composition, with staccato strings and orchestral bells building tension throughout.

With all the music featured on the album composed to be specifically played with an orchestra, the record was released in conjunction with a tour of the most prestigious venues in Europe, where Worakls performs alongside by a 20-piece orchestra.

Worakls kicked off his 10-date sold out tour in Paris on 15th February, and will be rounding off the tour in France and Belgium on 25th and 26th April respectively.

Spending the last ten years travelling the globe’s most prestigious concert halls and festivals, Worakls’ journey into composition started at the age of 3, learning the piano amidst his family of musicians.

However, it was the 2015 launch of his ‘Hungry Band’ group alongside fellow Frenchman N’to and Joachim Pastor which earned Worakls widespread acclaim.

Proving his skills in composing film scores as well as electronic and orchestral productions, Worakls recently scooped the ‘Best Original Soundtrack’ prize at the Deauville Green Awards for Ushuaia and InFocus.

The accolade was awarded to Worakls for his work on ‘Une Oasis d’Espoir‘ alongside Nicholas Van Ingen & Jean Baptiste-Puchain.



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