Chus & Ceballos in Japan: Soul and passion for music

The Iberican duo return to the Land of the Rising Sun, embracing once again its culture and spirituality.

On April 25th their journey through the cities of Tokyo, Sapporo and Hiroshima starts, ending this emotive trip with a ceremony at a temple and the release of ‘Kokoro’ on the Japanese label OTO MUSIC, an ode to love and passion of life.

Ref. OTO MUSIC 049
Release Date: April 29th

Kokoro,’ means ‘The Heart‘ and also ‘The soul of things‘. Chus & Ceballos didn’t want to miss the opportunity of exploring their music through Japanese spirituality and their philosophy of life. They record the lyrics from a poem that talks about passion and the impact on their lives. Moreover, Chus & Ceballos’ journey into the ancestral world of Japan doesn’t end up here. They will attend a ceremony in the Temple of Hiroshima where they will offer their art to the Japanese people in the form of music, offering their composition ‘Kokoro’ to them. ‘Kokoro,’ is a very soul-touching and intimate creationthat contains three mixes, a Vocal Mix, Instrumental Mix, and a Tool-A-Pella. On stores, April 29th.



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