Bart B More “Rave Lab” STMPD RCRDS

Bart B More “Rave Lab” STMPD RCRDS ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The Bart B More revolution continues!

Continuing his fine run of form for STMPD RCRDS, Dutch bass x house freak Bart B More serves up another killer cut on Rave Lab. As typically colourful and exciting as we have come to expect from his skilled hands, it’s another oddball cut that keeps you guessing.

Download “Rave Lab”

Hard-hitting, distorted old skool snares, warped synth waves and ravey hits build us towards a brief pause where vocals then introduce the thick monotone bass layers, snappy beats and mind-bending 8-bit style synth sounds. It comes across like a very funky computer malfunctioning, like it’s been infected by an irresistible dancefloor virus.

Pitch-dropping snare fills and a vinyl spinback introduce an intense breakdown where those ravey stabs build an intense wall of sound, the distorted synth reaches a fevered crescendo and the snare rolls just keep hitting harder. The release when we drop back into that stripped-back bass groove is immensely satisfying.

Handle with care — this one will burn a hole through any dancefloor!



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