Florian Picasso “Raspoutine” DOORN Records

Florian Picasso’s diversity continues to impress with his fierce new single Raspoutine for the mighty Doorn Records.

A teasing filtered intro gives a sense of what’s to come, with the drums and synths hidden under murky layers of EQing. The track properly explodes into life as the full frequency range is revealed, with deft synth arpeggios bubbling away over driving bass and taut techy beats.

Download “Raspoutine”

Harking back to the classic tech-trance sound that label boss Sander Van Doorn helped to define in the ’90s, it has plenty of groove and playfulness among its atmospherics.

The track drops down into a stripped-back arrangement where sweet vocal synths blend with delicious gated trance riff that will set pulses raising and hairs standing up on necks of any dancefloor its played on. It’s just another tease though, with this beautiful riff pulled back into the ether as the build-up drives us back towards the chunky groove.

Raspoutine is Florian Picasso’s first single of the year, it’s been well worth the wait and continues his dedication to quality, not quantity and this for sure proves that the best is yet to come.




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