Ethereal pop artist Little Pale announces debut single ‘The Way You Used To Be’

Little Pale The Way You Used To Be ile ilgili görsel sonucu

London based minimal pop singer-songwriter Little Pale is poised to release her debut single with the arrival of ‘The Way You Used To Be (TWYUTB)’. The song has a nostalgic sound that is melodically sweet; its lyrical content portraying a more bittersweet story.

Speaking of the song Little Pale says: “It’s a reminiscing of the old, and comment on the new. Since the rise of tech, things have become so saturated, and while it definitely brings more opportunities, it does give me a longing for a simpler time”.

Little Pale, so-called due to her stature and pallor, is a songwriter based in South East London. Like many artists, she dipped her toes into musical waters at an early age, only to be scalded by overwhelming self-doubt; she retreated into her shell.

Later writing poems in her mid-20’s to ease anxieties, she started singing and learning the piano again, eventually putting her words into melodies. Her recent reimagining of the Stone Roses ‘ I Wanna Be Adored’ served as an introduction to her sound and the themes that she explores.





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