Sam Feldt feat. Sophie Simmons “Magnets” Spinnin’ Records

Sam Feldt this week announces the releases of ‘Magnets’ EP, his most ambitious work to date. Released as single tracks over the course of May to form the full five-track collection, the EP tells a story of a love that’s dying through the lyrical contributions within it.

After the first gorgeous track ‘One Day’ comes the title track of the EP — a superb collaboration with American-Canadian singer, Sophie Simmons.

Download “Magnets”

She has collaborated with the likes of San Holo and Yellow Claw and scored a Billboard Dance Chart Top 20 with ‘Black Mirror’ last year. It’s a collab that’s been long in the works, as Sam explains: “Sophie and I have been talking about collaborating on a track for almost two years already now and when she sent me the rough vocal idea for ‘Magnets’ I immediately fell in love. The idea for the track was completely different from how it eventually ended up and had somewhat of a trap sound.”

After Sam received the vocal track from Sophie, he went into the studio with the Sam Feldt Live Band — his backing musicians who perform with him for his live shows around the world.

Together they recorded the trademark Sam Feldt vibe horn refrain that forms the main melody of the track. They’re kept under wraps as Simmons’ sweet vocal builds the track over delicate synth plucks, bending bass tones and chunky beats. The lyrics spell out the theme of the EP — magnetic, romantic attraction — and when the horns hit you really feel the joy of love all around you.

“We wanted this track to be playable both in your living room and on the big stages and I think we’ve managed to create just that” says Sam. “After testing it out live a couple of times I can guarantee you one thing: this goes OFF.”




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