Ali Stone has today unveiled her latest sonic endeavour, an eclectic five-piece EP blurring the limitations between new age house, minimal techno and contemporary pop. The bi-lingual multi genre EP entitled ‘En Mis Manos’ is a testament to the producer and singer/songwriters musical dexterity and undeniable passion for her craft.



Released ahead of the full EP Ali Stone’s inaugural track ‘Oculto is a dramatic, dark and seductive techno roller that has already been gaining notable traction and paves the way for the rest of the diverse and intricate EP.

The lead track on the EP, aptly named ‘En Mis Manos’ is the perfect cross-pollination between Ali Stone’s tenacious Colombian flare, abilities as a vocalist and expert production skills. ’En Mis Manos’ retains a hypnotizing eeriness about it as captivating and powerful lyrics seamlessly complement a hard-hitting trap beat as a distorted synth underpins the whole track.

Umbra’ and ‘Alquimia’ are similarly mysterious representations of the EP offering the perfect insight into the orchestral mind of the young Colombian. ‘Umbra’ is a dusty, low swung deep house edit elevated by middle-eastern strings and tribal induced percussion, while ‘Alquimia’ is a slow, cinematic symphony of shadowy pitches and enigmatic tones.

Rounding off the EP sits ‘The Sweetest Death is Loving You, a melodious and uplifting new age pop edit. Ali Stone’s soft and charming vocals layer over warming synth pads and an energetic broken beat as the track flourishes into a wonderfully harmonizing soundscape.

Labelled as one of Billboard’s new artists to watch, Stone already has an impressive list of accolades to her name. The independent artist was chosen as one of Justin Bieber’s opening acts on his Purpose World Tour as well as joining the first female songwriting camp to write and produce for Mary J. Blige and The Sisterhood Band. Aside from her contributions to Pop music, the classically trained multi-instrumentalist has also managed to solidify a strong reputation within the dance music community, following collaborations with the likes of Alok, Alan Walker and Axwell & Ingrosso. Ali Stone was also asked to create an exclusive artist sample pack for the popular music production platform Splice, allowing her to share and inspire young producers with her exclusive and original sounds.

En Mis Manos’ is the perfect representation of Ali Stone’s musical capabilities and flawlessly encapsulates both a darker side to her production whilst also showcasing a more light-hearted and commercial approach in her musical adaptations.



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