LMBO Releases “Netter Bot” on Paradise Circus


“Netter Bot” is the third official single from LMBO’s forthcoming debut EP. Continuing their momentum, the duo combines bold, eccentric sounds with uplifting leads and harmonies, bound to carry listeners through a wave of emotions that’ll ultimately feel like paradise. Released on the imprint Paradise Circus, “Netter Bot” begins with light drums and a soothing rainfall sample, providing a powerful base for one half of LMBO’s captivating vocals. While the build-up is clear in structure, the drop somehow merges deep synths with pitched vocal motifs into a bright, yet mellowed downtempo arrangement.

In speaking on the creative process, Mike and Koby said:

“We were experimenting A LOT with this track. As we’ve been perfecting our craft, we’re inspired by the diverse production of young duos like Louis The Child & Hotel Garuda. We found a synth, made an arrangement around it, and typed out a funny demo title that become ‘Netter Bot,’ an ode to one of LTC’s biggest songs.”

There’s so much back and forth with this track. There’s no ONE way to feel about it. But ultimately every day you wake up, and you are going to face uncertainties. Whether in your personal life or your career. You may never find comfort, but maybe you can find peace of mind in this song.” – Mike & Koby

As they gear up for the EP, LMBO will be performing at various shows within the LA and Grand Rapids (Michigan) area. Hope you enjoy!

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