Cocoon Ibiza June & July line-ups


10th June 2019

Terrace: Sven Väth, Solomun
Club: Charlotte de Witte, Gregor Tresher (live), ROD

Cutting in first for June is set to release those endorphins with Papa Sven bringing back Solomun, a dance industry figure who’s considered one of the island’s dons. A Cocoon Ibiza staple for the last few years, this date has become an unmissable addition to the calendar.

Meanwhile, the Club is set for an almighty techno blowout, with three debuts. You have Belgian powerhouse Charlotte de Witte taking the reins alongside Rod and Gregor Tresher.


16th June 2019

After bringing in legendary British dance duo Underworld to the island to kick off the season at UshuaÏa Ibiza, Sven Väth is in with yet another very special event as BBC Radio 1 royalty Pete Tong joins him at Blue Marlin for a knock-out fix of stellar tunes at one of the island’s best beachside venues.

More info and reservations:

24th June 2019

Terrace: Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Craig Richards
Club: Ilario Alicante, Eats Everything, Fabe

Excitement strikes for June’s second event with Ricardo Villalobos being joined by fellow mainstays Seth Troxler and Craig Richards, for an billing that has become a quintessential Cocoon experience.

One of Cocoon’s leading frontmen Ilario Alicante is set to usher in blistering dancefloor fodder with British bruiser Eats Everything, who returns after his 2015 debut. These two will be joined by German DJ and producer Fabe who made his Cocoon Ibiza debut last year, but has been satisfying Cocoon fans on a global scale for the last few years.


8th July 2019

Terrace: Adam Beyer (extended set), André Galluzzi
Club: Sven Väth, Planetary Assault Systems (live),  Roman Flügel

Longstanding Cocoon favourites Adam Beyer and André Galluzzi are billed together for what will be an oustanding showdown of temperature-scaling fervor.

Meanwhile Sven Väth is in this week with his first Club room appearance, with fellow German luminary Roman Flügel rejoining the fold. Completing the line-up is what will be a standout appearance from venerated British techno veteran Luke Slater as his alter ego Planetary Assault Systems with a debut live set.


22nd July 2019 

Terrace:  Sven Väth, Tale Of Us
Club: Dubfire, ANNA, Josh Wink

Sven Väth closes July with a much-anticipated debut from Italian virtuosos Tale Of Us, which is set to brings in the crowds as this duo have built a strong Ibiza following.

Over in the Club, veterans Dubfire and Josh Wink return to Cocoon with aim to kick up dust in the booth, and sought-after Brazilian DJ and producer ANNA completes the line-up in what is yet another Cocoon Ibiza debut.





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