Tropic Harbour & Katie Laine ‘Oh No’

Tropic Harbour & Katie Laine  ‘Oh No’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If you’re looking for the best new music around, then Absent Mind have stepped up to the plate and delivered a gorgeous new track. The London label releases ‘Oh No’ from Tropic Harbour and Katie Laine this week. Canada’s Tropic Harbour (otherwise known as Mark Berg) has developed a signature of warm, electronic/pop sounds that are a “musical outlet created out of necessity for Berg to mentally escape into a world of sonic landscapes.” 

‘Oh No’ plays out soulful guitar riffs that have been entangled around a stripped back beat, creating a groovy atmosphere. Hi-hats riddle the speakers, carrying a refined yet jazzy energy. Laine sings with a silky smooth voice and touches on wanting to just let go and escape for a minute.

With such a solid sound and impressive musical abilities, both Tropic Harbour and Katie Laine are sure to be artists to watch over the next couple of months. Listen to their new single below.

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