DANISH POP STAR MEDINA ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Danish singer-songwriter Medina is back with her inviting, infectious new single ‘Holding On’. It’s a touching piece of pop music, building on her soulful vocals with a beautifully sentimental chorus, while keeping things edgy with cool electronic rhythms and effects. Following the millions of streams she already scored in recent years, this new single is bound to take this burgeoning star next level!

Initially known for many popular releases in her native country, Medina has been the biggest female pop star coming from Denmark the last decade. Releasing several full albums since 2010 already, she is best known for her big hit ‘You & I’, which topped the charts in several countries upon release.

She brings her warm sound to Spinnin’ Records, presenting new single ‘Holding On’. It’s a record that breathes melancholic vibes as well as inviting pop sentiments – entering an exciting new chapter in Medina‘s ever evolving career.


Holding On Medina ile ilgili görsel sonucu

“I went to Berlin a cold winter day to record this song with Kilian and Jo and another producer named Blyn. They sent me the song and I knew immediately that it was the right song for me.. The song has a deep familiar emotion that really touched me, so I knew we had to do it.  I normally write my own songs , but this song stood out from the crowd. I love it and can’t wait to share this with you guys.”
– Medina

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