Neffex Drops Alt-Pop Anthem ‘It’s My Life’

Neffex Drops Alt-Pop Anthem 'It's My Life' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

This past Friday, genre-straddling duo, NEFFEX, released their latest alt-pop single ‘It’s My Life’–an upbeat, care-free anthem perfect for summertime.

Check it out here: 

The NEFFEX story might be the only thing more unique than the Southern California duo’s genre-shattering music. The pair of lifelong friends—Bryce Savage [vocals] and Cameron Wales [guitar, decks]—pumped out over 100 original songs in just two years. These self- produced, self-mixed/mastered and self-written tracks have amounted to a billion streams to-date and are still growing by 60+ million monthly along with a massive, devoted fan base.

Having started in a punk rock garage band together during high school, the Orange County natives became best friends from day one. After college, Bryce and Cameron reunited to form NEFFEX and in early 2017 began releasing an original song every week.  They were inspired by their love for creating music and admiration for the deluge of work produced by artists like Lil Wayne and Russ. Using their own innovative twists and D.I.Y. spirit, they went even further and shared their music, royalty-free, with hundreds of YouTube channels, influencers, and blogs. Their songs exploded in popularity and, by the end of 2018, they had unleashed over 110 originals, plus remixes, that blended the sonic worlds of guitar-driven pop, alternative, electronic and hip-hop.

NEFFEX received prominent placements from digital giants, such as Bass Boosters (who gave them their first million views), Mr. Beast, KSI, Trap Nation, Trap City, Miniminter, and more. Their enormous track “Fight Back” leapt past 30 million Spotify streams; “Rumors” surpassed 27 million; and “Careless,” “Life,” “Soldier,” “Grateful,” and “Best Of Me,” all exceeded 10 million. Signed to 12 Tone Music in 2019, NEFFEX is now igniting their next chapter with its new single “It’s My Life”, the first of several leading into their highly anticipated debut EP and European Tour this fall.





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