15 years of Pryda: Eric Prydz shares expansive second edition of Pryda 15 EP series

15 years of Pryda ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Eric Prydz‘s ornate sonic catalog has long rested on the pinnacle of the progressive house hierarchy. A master of iconoclastic live visuals and multifaceted aural approaches, Prydz has developed a number of aliases over the years, through which he can categorize his kaleidoscope of varying sound designs: namely Eric Prydz, Cirez D, and Pryda.

Pryda has stood for years, 15, in fact, as a vessel through which Prydz has funneled his more club-centric dance-scapes. The Pryda project has endured as something of a litmus test for Prydz fans, the midway point between the more accessible Eric Prydz cuts, and the exceedingly shadowy and tech-fueled Cirez D tracks. To mark the anniversary, he’s begun rolling out a three-part EP series, chock-full of anthemic progressive offerings, both brand new songs and longtime IDs from his performances, the latter of which die-hard fans have no doubt been hungrily tracking.

The eight-part second arm of the series is as forceful as it is mellifluous, from the swirling keys on “The Drive” to the vapory crests of “The Riddle.” Rousing builds run abound; and the result offers nothing short of dancefloor transcendence. Prydz has yet to share an official release date for the third and final installment.





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