Sikdope Feat. Lil Debbie ‘Party’ Spinnin’ Records.

Sikdope Starts The ‘Party’ (Feat. Lil Debbie) ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Sikdope is ready to start the ‘Party’, as he presents his new single on a wave of uptempo house beats and raving synth stabs. Featuring Lil Debbie, it’s a track that breathes upwinding 90’s rave sounds as well as elements of 21st century psy and electro music. A true rollercoaster ride coming your way, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Sikdope is currently enjoying lots of momentum. Building his profile as dance music’s unpredictable tastemaker with recent acclaimed singles like ‘Lost In The Blue’, ‘Badder’, ‘Raindrops’ and the widely popular Tiësto collab ‘My Whistle’, every new release is welcomed with widespread anticipation and DJ support.

As with early 2019 single ‘Raindrops’, where he already touched on classic rave sounds with his own trademark energy, Sikdope again takes the music one step further. ‘Party‘ reminisces on the early days of rave while adding rushed beats, upwinding synths and cool, contemporary dance effects, resulting in a destined festival favorite.

“I’m super inspired by 90s rave sounds lately so that was the main aim for the vibe of the tune. I wanted to do something that recalls old school parties, I thought that Lil Debbie’s voice would fit perfectly and that’s how we created ‘Party’” – Sikdope

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