AMMO Set To Release Highly-Anticipated House Single “I Like It Alot” Featuring Sir Bloke Out Now on Thrive Music

Pop producer savant–AMMO–delivers his highly-anticipated novelty house track, “I Like It Alot” on Thrive Music. From being one of the most in-demand producers in pop music,AMMO branches out into the global DJ scene with a debut song that has all the ingredients to become a breakout global hit


“I Like It Alot” blasts off with a catchy thumping bass line and ringing cowbells, all layered over an addictive beat that leads into the instantly recognizable vocals of Sir Bloke. While the lyrics themselves propel listeners into the glamorous experience of nightlife, the true novelty of the track is that the featured vocals come from one of the biggest pop stars in the world (under his alter-ego, Sir Bloke). The sneaky vocalist posted on Instagram yesterday revealing his true identity – but we’re still mum on the matter.

For more information on AMMO:



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