Chico Rose Presents New Single ‘Sad’ Feat. Afrojack

Chico Rose  ‘Sad’ (Feat. Afrojack) ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Musical chemistry is in the air. After their first teamup ‘The Great Escape’ in 2016, Dutch artists Chico Rose and Afrojack steadily kept on delivering hit tunes together, including last year’s ‘2012’ and ‘Where Did The Love Go’. In the meantime, Chico Rose also kept on delivering festival bangers on solo duty, but now surprises again with the more touching sounds of ‘Sad’.

It’s a record that brings various emotions, with its melancholic melodies, tasteful layers of synths and sentimental vocal lines alongside a cool, subtle but highly infectious future house groove. Ultimately, this is a track that builds on dance energy, while incorporating pop vibes with delicate vocals and inviting chorus.

“There’s nothing wrong with being sad sometimes” – Chico Rose

“Sad is that song to listen to no matter what mood you’re in. Forget about your worries and turn the music up.” – Afrojack

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