Depaart sign “Do it like you do” on Sincopat

Born as a label, built as a party, grown as a collective and cured as an artist. Depaart’s story is not common. The production duo present three awesome original tracks on Sincopat with a great welcome back: a mind-blowing remix by the forward-thinking disco talent, Lauer.


Koi” starts the fire with a super organic synth that is well and truly alive. It stands out in an unpredictable way asking to be the main character of the track. On the remix, the German talent of Lauer gives his special touch by adding more layers and different melodies into a piece of electronic music that counts with two remarkable percussion build-ups. “Do it like you do” is a fantastic and magical journey through electronic music. Even though it’s hard to tell the style, the common factor is smoothness and the voice of Tom Trago, who participated in this track during a crazy studio session in Madrid with the guys. Closing the pack, we have the timeless landscape of “Sombrilla“. Enjoy!



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