NICOLAAS New Single “Daydream feat. Millionyoung” Out Now!

NICOLAAS New Single "Daydream feat. Millionyoung" Out Now! ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Photo Credit: Taylor Sheppard

Los Angeles, CA – September 6, 2019 – Canadian music producer NICOLAAS has released his new single “Daydream feat. Millionyoung” today via Haven Sounds. The electro-synth track is a dance-fueled, trippy yet chill escape featuring vocals from indie-electronica artist MillionyoungPRESS HERE to listen.

NICOLAAS New Single "Daydream feat. Millionyoung" Out Now! ile ilgili görsel sonucu


“I’m always getting lost in a daydream,” shares NICOLAAS aka Rob Bakker. “As is often the case, the idea for this track spawned from one. I wanted to create a sound that felt focused and intentional, but free enough for the listener to get lost in it as well. Millionyoung was a perfect fit. His sound and style really matched what I was trying to accomplish – I’m grateful he was down to work on it with me! He killed it. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

“Daydream” follows the release of NICOLAAS’ debut electro/disco-fueled single “No Stranger Thing feat. Lucy Mason” earlier this year and his recent groovy single “Real Escape.” Official remixes for both tracks are also available by Pages and Louis La Roche for the former and Disco Despair for the latter. PRESS HERE to watch the new video for “Real Escape.”

NICOLAAS marks a new beginning for Bakker. As a revered rapper and producer in the world of hip-hop under the pseudonym Muneshine, his compositions dominated the underground Canadian scene, earning him multiple Juno Award nominations, a Much Music Video Award nomination, and a win of the prestigious SOCAN Songwriters Award. As Muneshine, he’s collaborated with a noteworthy list of artists including Tom Waits, Pete Rock, Sean Price, D-Sisive, DJ Spinna, and more. While critically fulfilled, Rob was exhausted musically and had creatively hit a wall.

“Everything was mundane. The sounds I relied on went stale,” he explains. “My structures and content…nothing excited me. I needed something new and I needed to wrap it in a shiny new package. My greys needed some neon.”

To do this, Rob turned up the BPMs and pulled from inspirations he’d never dreamed of accessing – genres he admired from a distance like disco, house and funk, as well artists such as Nile Rodgers, Blondie, Daft Punk and Toro Y Moi. He began creating like he’d never created before. “I abandoned the style of sampling and reworking someone else’s song and wrote my own melodies. The energy felt alive. I felt born again.” To complete the transformation, Rob decided to retire the pseudonym he was so well known for and identify by his middle name, NICOLAAS.

Stay tuned for more music from NICOLAAS in the coming weeks, including the official remix for “Daydream“!

Media praise for NICOLAAS: 

“[‘No Stranger Thing’] is the perfect blend of digital pop and vocal ache, the melodic appeal offset by some club-centric production.” – Clash Magazine 

“We all deserve the kind of extravagant, out of reach adventures that NICOLAAS proposes to us throughout [‘Real Escape’].” – Magnetic Magazine 

“‘No Stranger Thing’ tantalizes in its original form with funky synthwave backing the most delicate and satiny feminine vocals. It proves [NICOLAAS] is ready to take on the genres he felt he couldn’t delve into under previous monikers.” – Earmilk 

“‘No Stranger Thing’ is a synth-funk extravaganza and hallmarks his move in a completely new musical direction.” – The Playground 

“NICOLAAS injects us with the groovy swagger we need to break away from the mundanity.”

– Aupium

For more information on NICOLAAS, visit:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

 Spotify // YouTube // Apple Music //SoundCloud



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