Dr Meaker ft. Lorna King “You & I” Hot Goods Remix

Dr Meaker “You & I” ft. Lorna King [Hot Goods Remix] ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Star of underground British bass, Hot Goods is debuting for Circus Records with a remix of Dr Meaker’s “You & I” feat. Lorna King. With unbelievable releases for the likes of Night Bass and Bingo Bass, he’s a fine recruit indeed.

Download “You & I” Remix

Incorporating Lorna King’s soulful vocal from the original, the talented performer has lent her voice to the likes of Alibi, Octo Pi, as well as several other Dr Meaker tracks. Now fans wait with bated breath for her upcoming release on Hospital Records with Makoto!

“You & I” featured on Dr Meaker’s 2016 album “Dirt & Soul,” a landmark release for the label which earned itself a separate pressing exclusively of remixes: Dirt & Soul Collaborated.

Now tearing up stages across the UK and beyond with his stunning live ensemble, the presence of Dr Meaker is pronounced at festivals and clubs alike. This weighty contribution to the ongoing 10 Years of Circus Records celebrations should keep the party going in fine style.



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