Young Clancy releases new ‘Up With The Birds’ video + EP today!

Young Clancy releases new ‘Up With The Birds’ video + EP today! ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Toronto-based singer/songwriter/producer Young Clancy has released his much-anticipated Vol. II EP. To celebrate the release of his latest body of work, Young Clancy has also revealed the music video for his new single, ‘Up With The Birds’. Would love if you might consider sharing!

Listen/watch the new video for ‘Up With The Birds’ (via YouTube) out today!

Buy/Stream Vol. II EP Here

Young Clancy Vol. II EP Tracklist

  1. ‘Take Me 2’

  2. ‘Level’

  3. ‘Baby Boy’

  4. ‘Pookie’

  5. ‘Up With The Birds’

  6. ‘Clown’

‘Up With The Birds’ showcases Young Clancy’s laid-back, poetic sound. The accompanying music video is the concluding segment of the three-part short film surrounding the EP. Directed by Fuego Toronto, the visual project for Vol. II is built around three overlapping music videos; each exists individually but can also be viewed in succession as one synchronous and complete visual work. The music videos for Clancy’s previous releases ‘Take Me 2’ and ‘Level’ are the first and second parts of the trilogy of clips. 

As a whole, Vol. II is an exploration of a modern and fractured masculine perspective, with each of the individual songs reaching for love and hope over emptiness. When speaking about the EP, Young Clancy says, “Many of the songs are dubious (though endearing) reaches for love and hope over emptiness. Though the subject matter of these songs can be a bit bleak, they come from a place of love.” Vol. II also features brand new tracks, ‘Baby Boy’, ‘Pookie’ and the ‘Wall-E’ inspired, ‘Clown’. Young Clancy will perform tracks off of his EP to a hometown crowd at his release party at The Drake Underground in Toronto on 6th October. 

As a high school student in Toronto, Young Clancy played in a handful of bands, but nothing stuck. He studied creative writing at university while quietly dabbling in songwriting. As a graduate, Clancy found himself somewhat stagnated, bartending full-time at a sleazy steakhouse in Toronto’s financial district. Unsure of what was next, he began taking vocal lessons and teaching himself production on Ableton, gradually making the music he truly wanted to hear: thoughtful, lyrical songs with gritty, inventive production. This culminated in an EP that finally saw the light in 2017 titled Yung Prince of the Basement.

A polished array of tracks, Vol. II EP represents a new and exciting chapter in the story of Young Clancy. 

For more information on Young Clancy, please visit:



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