Alt-pop sensation Johanna Amelie unveils new track ‘Being’

Alt-pop sensation Johanna Amelie unveils new track 'Being' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

+ New 4-track EP ‘One Moon’ due 25th October

“An uncomplicated song about boundaries, sovereignty and freedom…” – Songwriting Magazine

Rising Berlin based singer-songwriter / instrumentalist Johanna Amelie is poised to announce her new EP with the arrival of ‘One Moon’ this October and will pre-empt its release with a brand new track ‘Being’. Drawing on a myriad of influences from folk, pop, indie and soul, Johanna once again delivers an impeccable, pesonal body of work that follows on from her acclaimed second album ‘Distance’ released last year.

“The `One Moon` EP is all about synergies. Billions of years ago the moon was a part of the earth and in a great collision it was separated into its own celestial body. Today, its different phases influence our life down here on earth. In these songs I speak about the parallels between a mother and her daughter, which are formed in the same way”, Johanna Amelie explains.

The Berlin based singer songwriter has travelled to countless remote places on the planet, always collaborating with other musicians and connecting with her continuosly growing audience. Her songs are – so to speak – an emotional logbook of her self-discovery on these adventures. These Indie-Folk compositions are the root of an extraordinary artist, while she unfolds a new chapter in 2019.  Inspired by iconic women, such as Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell and PJ Harvey, Johanna Amelie published her Debut “Cloud In A Room” in 2014. Her second LP “Distance” (2018) was highly acclaimed amongst critics and fans, which was followed up by an extensive tour across several continents.

She is driven by live shows, fueled by the artist in her, tirelessly in search of new inspiration. On behalf of the German Goethe Institute, Johanna Amelie toured through Ghana and New Zealand in 2018, highlighting the trip with shows at the Performance Arcade festival and the Re:publica fair. In recent years the multi-instrumentalist has shared stages across the globe with international acts such as Patti Smith, Gordon Raphael, Derde Verde, Alin Coen and many others. She has played a total of over 300 concerts, festivals and tours throughout Europe and Northern Africa such as the Fusion and Open Flair in Germany, Italy, Iceland, Denmark, UK, Austria, Switzerland, France and Morocco.

“I like to let myself be inspired by other people and their stories”, says Johanna Amelie. “It happens a lot while you’re travelling. I just watch the world and put my experiences and emotions to paper,” which the musician then transforms into a bittersweet mix of catchy Indie Folk, ethereal Dream Pop and exotic Worldmusic. It’s the soundtrack to her personal road movie, an insight and new perspective on some of the most existential questions. Johanna Amelie takes herself and the world around her apart to ultimately put it back together into a shape of music we haven’t yet heard. Her brand-new EP ‘One Moon’ is a perfect example of her sense of ambience and nostalgia, which she recorded with friends and artists within the Berlin music scene.


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