MECHA MAIKO New Album ‘Let’s!’ Out Now On MSTRKRFT’s ORO Records

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The name Mecha Maiko is a clever conceptual fusion of ‘mechas’–massive, futuristic battle robots and ‘maikos’–geishas in training. This dichotomy of hard-biting dystopian mechanics and the soft and tender performance of the maiko is meant to reflect the very same yin and yang dynamic found in her works as in her debut album for Canadian label ORO Let’s!  available now.


Listen to Mecha Maiko’s Let’s! here:


For Let’s!, Mecha Maiko has drawn inspiration from her favorite upbeat 90s dance and freestyle jams to create a sound that is uniquely hers. Aimed at a more DJ-friendly approach, these tracks will find a happy home on the dance floor.   Mecha Maiko has taken a stylized, deliberate approach to the writing process with hardware accompaniments that expand on the stylistic framework laid out in her debut EP Okiya, released earlier this year. This record draws on the anxiety felt in a late-stage capitalist society and seeks to agitate that uncomfortable energy within us to shake us from our collective paralysis of shock. Inspiring, uplifting and motivating, these songs are unmistakably laser-lit dirges of the dystopia.


Among the 10 tracks featured on Let’s!, the single “Phones”—released earlier this year—is one of the most popular tracks on the ORO roster and serves as an indication that this record is a strong entry in Mecha Maiko’s discography.  “Meet Me At The Arcade” wastes no time leaning into the coin-op synthesis stylings of 80s game cabinets. Complimented by a male counterpart Vandal Moon, this track works back and forth between its two modes effortlessly and stylishly, a technological love-and-rejection song.  There’s also “Apathy” which opens the album with a big band recording from 1947, hearkening back to a troubled yet optimistic postwar era. Hear the infusion of a modern palette that creates an infectious hip-twist effect as Maiko’s vocals compliment the arrangement.
Mecha Maiko will celebrate the release of Let’s! October 20 at The Baby G in Toronto with a DJ set.  Tickets and information can be found here.
Let’s! track listing:
Meet Me At The Arcade (with Vandal Moon)
End Of Your Life
Change Alot
I Can’t Wait
Be The Reaper
About Mecha Maiko:
Mecha Maiko is a synth pop project by Hayley Stewart who began her musical career as the lead producer and a vocalist for the synthwave act Dead Astronauts between 2011-2016. Dubbed “one of synthwave’s most recognizable voices” by New Retro Wave, Hayley has written and sung on tracks by the likes of FM Attack, Perturbator, and Betamaxx. She has produced remixes for Makeup & Vanity Set, Crying Vessel, and Michael Oakley, and produced “Be Alright” on Dana Jean Phoenix’s latest album, Pixel Dust.  Her debut record, Mad but Soft, was released early 2018 with New Retro Wave Records, which saw a second pressing in 2019. Her next major release was Okiya, which took a hard-experimental turn from her original synthwave-leaning sound. After collaborating with Bulkhead for the single Chloroform on ORO records, she continued her relationship with the label, returning to a pop-oriented approach for the dance floor single Phones in May 2019. Not one to rest on her laurels, she continues to push forward with her new album — playfully titled Let’s! — which seeks once again to show just how creative and progressive she is as an artist within her framework.  Mecha Maiko has had the pleasure of performing live and DJing across North America at many prestigious events, something we can only expect to see more of. She was a performer and guest speaker for the Ladies of Synth panel at NEON Retrofest and will be appearing in the forthcoming documentary The Rise of The Synths.  She currently is based in Toronto, Canada.


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About ORO:
ORO was founded by MSTRKRFT in early 2019 as an outlet for deep techno productions, keeping them connected to the underground.  Through the label, MSTRKRFT have already released 38 singles including material by like-minded Toronto-area artists including 4×4, KOR, BULKHEAD, Mecha Maiko, ULTRA GAMMA, BLACK_, Jack Marko, Good and BUTR, Nailbiter, Maks, WETURNTORED, Alt255 and more.


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