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Mysterious artist egomunk enlists anonymous West Coast rapper on new single ‘Schizoid Superstar’

Mysterious musician egomunk has released the new single ‘Schizoid Superstar’, which features a revered West Coast rapper anonymously under the guise of ‘Lunakik’.


egomunk is the secret moniker of a multi-platinum writer, created to remove the restraints of creativity with an intoxicating new cross genre project featuring VIP collaborators and guests, while also protesting against a world where personal privacy and use of the internet has blurred into nonexistence.

‘Schizoid Superstar’ is a dark twisted trap track merged with breakbeat and sinister samples as it reflects today’s culture of internet ‘fame’ and its effect on true art.
The single was created following a conversation between egomunk and Lunakik, where the latter discussed pressures from his record label and the constant battle of apposing voices in his head, one aiming for fame and fortune and the other striving to stay real and keep his integrity. The multiple voices in the track imitate the various voices in Lunakik’s head.
Regarding the creation of ‘Schizoid Superstar’ with Lunakik, egomunk says, We were working in LA and ended up having a mad evening jam with Lunakik. He went on and on about how his label wanted him to make a commercial album, whatever that is, without losing his underground fan base and essentially his street cred.


“There was a constant battle in his head between money and fame vs keeping his integrity, leading him to feel schizophrenic. ‘Schizoid Superstar’ is a reflection of this age of celebrity-for-celebrity’s sake society and the impact it has on the mind and creative arts. The song is about the various voices in your head pulling you in different directions.”
Releasing a series of free-flowing Only EPs, ‘Schizoid Superstar’ is part of the Only EP, which also features songs including the piano-led ambient wonder ‘Drones’, inspired by the inevitable takeover of technology”, and the thought-provoking electro stomp of ‘The Only Sin Is Religion’.
The EP follows the surprise release of his debut album Footsteps To Mars, self-released for free in 2016. Given away as a download via and also on DSPs, the album received over 300,000 downloads and over a million streams.
The mindful eclectic music of egomunk could not come at a more important time. In a world crumbling into further disarray on a daily basis, where seemingly personal choices are actually dictated by the technology that fully constricts almost every aspect of the globe, egomunk is a refreshing example of the possibilities of removing identity in favour of creativity and speech.

“ A genre-defying piece with huge crossover potential…”


 Egomunk are not a new paradigm in the musical business model, rather theyre the logical result of where we find ourself, culturally, an interesting prism through which we can track the changes.

Drowned In Sound

 “The music of egomunk is almost psychedelic, mind- bending, and toothsomely atmospheric.”

The 405

Powerful music dwelling in anonymity

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