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Prolific Ambient producer Soular Order RELEASES ‘Beholder’ EP

Soular Order RELEASES Beholder EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Image: Sarah Yong & Maria Maynard

Manchester-based ambient producer Soular Order has released his EP Beholder on 8 November via his own imprint City By Night Records. Soular Order has featured numerous times on tastemaker Youtube channels Mr Suicide Sheep, Ambient, Fluidified and MOR Network, The GΔmes We PlΔy and Madorasindahouse with his remix of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ racking up over 3 million views. He has garnered 2.2 million Soundcloud and Spotify plays and has racked up a total of over 5.5 million Youtube views to date. He has received airplay from BBC’s Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley and BBC Introducing as well as featured on expert music sites including Magnetic Magazine, Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Stoney Roads, Stereofox, Indie Shuffle, The Music Ninja and many others.

Soular Order RELEASES Beholder EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

EP RELEASE DATE: 8th November

LABEL: City By Night Records

LISTEN: Soular Order – Beholder EP

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Beholder Tracklist

1. Redacted

2. Versus

3. Downfall

4. Beholder

Jon Maynard began making music under the Soular Order moniker in 2010. Having spent most of his youth playing guitar in various local bands, he began producing electronic music under various names until settling on the alias. He is the founder of City By Night Records – an independent record label based in Manchester, hosting the likes of artists such as Alaskan Tapes, Solace, Axel Grassi-Havnen and Izzard. Maynard’s introduction to music came in the form of a guitar gifted from his grandfather, and after playing in several bands as a youngster, he discovered a passion for producing electronic music. He has a number of releases in his wake, including seven EP’s and 2016’s full-length album Rhythmic Sleep.

Soular Order creates experimental, ambient and beat-driven electronica, combining elements of analogue synths, guitars and found sound percussion. His diverse range of influences including Aphex Twin, David Bowie, William Basinski and Tycho, leads to a unique sound comparable to Brian Eno, Boards of Canada and Sigur Rós.

Beholder EP is strikingly fresh and original –  a template of lush, electro-rhythms and light and dark moods. On ‘Redacted’ we see Soular Order laying a rapid beat over luminous synth figures and chiming embellishments. Deeply hypnotic cycling patterns flow into intriguing cosmic auras – immersive, intimate and decidedly melodic. ‘Versus’ flows brilliantly through evolved melodies and movement of pure texture, while ‘Downfall’ casts its arc in reverberant spaces, traversing rich sonic landscapes. A multi-layered sound palette and ventricular beats resonate through the track, surging steadily into a panoramic ambient trance before receding and dissolving into silence ‘Beholder’s’ congruous balance of celestial harmonies are the perfect ending track – allowing the listener time to process the impressions of the previous tracks.

Speaking of the EP Soular Order comments: “The Beholder EP was written over the course of a few months and combines analogue, generative synth elements with found-sound percussion and textures. It’s about self-reflection and taking control over life directions.”


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