SIMINA GRIGORIU  ‘MAMA AYAHUASCA’ EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Following a juggernaut remix for Hollen’s ‘Acid Tear’ EP on Prospect Records at the end of September and her critically-acclaimed collaborative EP ‘Double Trouble’ with BB Deng back in August, Berlin-based boss Simina Grigoriu now returns to her esteemed Kuukou Records imprint with her first solo outing on the label this year. 

Out now, Simina’s two-part Mama Ayahuasca EP is another masterclass in dark, trippy techno from an artist at the very top of her game. Known for her unique blend of mind bending tech and driving soundscapes, the EP kicks off with deep chugging basslines, twisted synths and piercing hooks, as the Kuukou head honcho takes the listener on an intense six-minute journey through the title track ‘Mama Ayahuasca’.

SIMINA GRIGORIU  ‘MAMA AYAHUASCA’ EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu"


  1. Simina Grigoriu – Mama Ayahuasca
  2. Simina Grigoriu – Kambo Warrior

Artist: Simina Grigoriu

Title: Mama Ayahuasca EP

Release Date: November 22, 2019

Format: Digital

CAT#: KKU032


Distorted bass and frenetic rhythms continue into the techier closing track ‘Kambo Warrior’, as the Romanian-born starlet deftly proves why she’s amassed such a strong reputation as one of the most prolific and promising sounds in techno.

Simina Grigoriu – Mama Ayahuasca EP is out now via Kuukou Records.

About Simina Grigoriu:

Romanian-born, Toronto-bred Simina Grigoriu has been steadily racking up accolades during her decade-long career. Starting off as a DJ, she’s made the transition as a producer and kicked off her own label Kuukou, a home for techno-forward productions, where she calls all the shots. In this time she’s also transplanted to Berlin, a place she now calls home and the major source of her creative inspiration, a source as diverse as her influences. 

Simina Grigoriu

Website | Facebook | Beatport | Instagram | Soundcloud

Kuukou Records

Website | Facebook | Beatport | Instagram | Soundcloud

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